pogodragon (pogodragon) wrote in menstrual_cups,

A convert

I'm on day 2, cycle 2 of using my UK Mooncup. I was dubious that it would make much difference to me, I've never had any problem with tampons and so it's taken me ages to get around to trying a cup out.

Oh boy - the difference. Usually for the first 48 hours or so my flow is heavy enough that I get through super-plus tampons every couple of hours - which generally means having to get up at least once in the night. Not any more. The cup was full this morning when I emptied it but not overflowing and no leaks.

I've put all my disposable products in a bag pending working out what to do with them. I think I may be a convert. My first cycle with the Mooncup was at a weekend convention, even then no leaks, no problems, no issues.

This community was definitely instrumental in my decision finally to give the things a go. Thank you.
Tags: first time use, mooncup (uk), success stories

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