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Wow... Wow!!

I have been an Instead cup user for over 12 years (at least).  I started using the Instead while in the Army and they proved to be more hygenic than any other menstrual protection while in the field without showers for weeks on end.  The plus side was sex with the Instead cup was like not being on your cycle at all.  Boyfriends and now my husband have sung the praises of the Instead cup...

Recently it has been very difficult and down right expensive trying to find my Instead cups.  So as I was searching Amazon one day I happened upon the Menstrual cup; I was curious so I Googled it and found this site.  I lurked for about a week to get opinions on the types and fit. 

I settled on the Moon Cup size B.  I was so excited for my cycle to start.  I was able to use it the last five days!  WOW!!! The first day I did wear a pantyliner just in case I had issues with fit or insertion.  Heck, it was less messy than an Instead cup!  I did keep an Instead cup on hand for sex because I just couldn't see sex with the Moon Cup as being comfortable.  Even on my heaviest day when I normally have to back up the Instead with a liner, I didn't need anything for the Moon Cup. All I can say is WOW!!!

Thanks ladies for the frank advice on this site.  I did follow the advice of many by snipping most of the stem off and filing  the rough stem edge. 

Tags: instead, sexual activity, stem length/trimming, success stories

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