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rebellious adolescent diva cup.

actually, it probably hasn't even hit the point at which it would be adolescent, considering how long these things last.

i found out about cups towards the end of 2008, and after reading about them and joining this community, i purchased a diva. it had to have been somewhere in june-august of 2008. my biggest menstrual complaints were the cramps, but if there was an option that meant i had to use the restroom less frequently, i was all for it. tampons rarely leaked horribly for me, but the diva seemed to leak even less. only a little bit, since unless you catch your period before it starts, some of the flow gets past where the opening sits. anyway...

in recent times however, my diva has decided to leak more than what is tolerable EVERY. SINGLE. CYCLE. i was complaining to a friend about this because she also uses cups, and mentioned that perhaps the little holes that allow the air to escape as the blood fills the cup were clogged. i made sure to check this, and the problem became less frequent. i just got home from the gym because low and behold, diva decided to leak again, and having too much faith in her, i didn't bring back up supplies. when i took it out, it appeared that again the little holes were clogged. i had made sure to check them before i put the diva back in earlier today.

has this happened to anybody else? i feel like either my body is shifting around a little bit, or my flow is clogging the holes a lot easier than it used to. that never used to be a problem. additionally, my cup seems to hurt in ways that it didn't used to. not horribly or anything, but now if i move one way or another i notice little pinches from time to time (and i'm certain it's not the cup opening, i always make sure it's popped open when i put it in). other than that, my cycles aren't irregular or any heavier, lighter, or more crampy than they used to be.

if you have also experienced this, did you end up switching cups and the problem was solved? i don't want to go back to tampons but i almost feel like i trust them far more than my cup anymore. but if somebody else has had this issue and a different cup solved it, i might do that. i feel like my diva is still too new to be giving me these kinds of issues. ideas? suggestions? similar experiences?

thank you in advance!
Tags: cup lifespan, divacup

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