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new, leakage issues and fear of prolapse with cup use??!

Hi there,

this forum is an amazing find! I first read about cups a few months ago, decided to buy one about 2 months ago and have now used it for 2 cycles.

I have a large lunette cup. I am 37 years old and have had one child, who is now 3. The large lunette seems better suited to me since I've had a child, but I am really not sure if I am doing something wrong!

On both cycles I had leakage. This time, I was pretty sure it was positioned in the right place. My cervix is usually about 6-7cm up, I can feel it easily. I am quite aware of its position, as its lower than it used to be since having a baby.
I just inserted the folded cup, it unfolded, I pushed it up a bit and then did pelvic floor squeezes to get it into position. I know it sealed as I there was a definite 'pop' when I took it out. Anyway, on the second day of my period, after about 6 hours, there was a lot of leakage. When I took it out it wasn't completely full, so I'm not sure what caused the leakage. Is this normal?

Also, what do people do when they need to change/wash it at work or out in public??? There was a huge mess and its hard to be private about washing a cup in a public toilet.
My main impetus for buying a cup was the thought of less hassle because of not having to change tampons that frequently, but so far it seems messier and more hassle than the tampons.

Finally, has anyone noticed their cervix getting lower with cup use? I am wary of this happening. When I pull it out, there is some suction, and I fear it might drag down my cervix a bit. I really don't want to cause a worse pelvic organ prolapse - not that mine is in a medically diagnosable prolapse, but prolapse is a continuum and my cervix  is lower than it used to be bk (before kids). My cervix seemed to be a little lower  after both cycles of use than it was before the period started, somethind I hadn't noticed before with the tampons. 
Tags: cleaning - public, health risks, leakage & spotting
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