fivesixsevenayt (fivesixsevenayt) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Wonky cup position; Hot tubs

Hello, all!  If anyone could help me with either of my issues, I'd be terribly grateful.

1. I got my first menstrual cup, a Diva, during my last cycle, and through some trials and tribulations, finally got it comfortably in this cycle!  The problem is that it's comfortable, but not entirely functional.  I insert the cup so that the stem is poking out (but not too pokey) and, since it's really difficult for me to get a finger-feel of where it should be adjusted in my vagina, I pretty much just leave it and let my vag do its thing with the cup.  When I remove the cup hours later, it has always shifted way, way up there, and pretty extremely sideways, so the stem is digging into the left side of my vaginal wall.  It doesn't hurt, but does cause some leakage, it looks like through the stem itself.  Obviously there is no seal going on here, and I'm not even entirely sure that the cup pops all the way open.

My questions: Why is it adjusting to this position?  What can I do to seal the cup upon entry?  I have tried all kinds of twists and pokes, but it just does not budge, at least not until my fingers aren't involved in the process.  Also, I use a C-fold (I believe that's what it's called? -- the C/U-shaped one), if that's relevant.

2. Any reasons that menstrual cups (Divas specifically) should avoid hot tubs?  Or is it safe?

Thanks so much!
Tags: leakage & spotting, teething troubles
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