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Is it normal for a DivaCup to hurt while applying it?

*ripped straight out of my Y/A Question*

SUP. I'm 15, female [hihi, obviously.], and a virgin. I have been trying to use my DivaCup for, like, 6 times now. I just cannot get the thing even halfway through. The method of applying is to first fold it into whatever fold is best (I know the folds so don't worry), and then when it's all the way in you let go and it should fall into place when you turn a full rotation. Right? :/

How am I supposed to let go when I can't even put it in all the way? @-) I'm pretty sure I'm putting it in the right angle. I'm just too scared to push hard 'cause it hurts already even while I'm gently probing it in. I'm pretty damn lubricated, too, since I have my period right now.

Anyway. Should I break my hymen or something? :/ Is it normal to feel pain down there while applying it? Should I just go for a smaller cup? Or is there something physically abnormal with me @.@

One time I tried letting go when the cup just wouldn't go any farther. Bad move. It hurt even more, and the cup suctioned part of my vagina and half the cup was hanging out and UGH.

I have a ballet class tomorrow, so I'm really nervous about going in there with a pad. This question is getting obscenely long, so I'll just stop. Thanks for reading this far, haha.

[Edit: I'm using a size 1. I also tried the folds in this YouTube video:

However, none seem to be working. :[ Btw, I didn't even get to go to my ballet class because of menstrual cramps. Haha. 

I know menstrual cups can be frustrating. But I'm still willing to try suggestions, never mind the pain.]
Tags: chafing/irritation, divacup, first time use, hymen, insertion, insertion - painful or problems, sports/physical activities

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