Samantha The Great (freedomreins) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Samantha The Great

Poppy Popping

This is my first period using my small Ladycup and I have inserted and removed it three times (as well as a few dry runs). The problem I'm having is that it really POPS when it opens. I use the punchdown fold or the extreme seven (I think) and it springs open and it hurts when I put it in... and when I take it out, but I believe that's because the 'suction' is so strong that even after I break it with my finger, as soon as I move my finger it suctions itself back in again. I don't want to be put off using the cup because it's a brilliant invention but I really dislike the feeling of it popping open inside me. I've tried easing it in and slowly letting go but it takes a bit of movement/wiggling to get it to pop open anyway usually. Any suggestions for different folds or techniques would be really appreciated. Thanks!

Also, I generally don't have cramps during my period but I find when the cup is in that I am cramping immediately up until the point I take it out. From reading past posts this seems normal, but I am cramping lower on my stomach than usual I think. Could this be directly related to the position of the cup/my cervix? I have tried everything, kegeling it higher, pulling it down lower, moving it from side to side to try to loosen its hold a bit, etc.
Tags: insertion, lady cup, teething troubles

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