glittermom08 (glittermom08) wrote in menstrual_cups,

My Diva experience

I am new to this community and i just wanted to share my cup experience. I first heard about the menstrual cup when one of my newly made friends in one of my college classes mentioned it. I was surprised and had never heard of it asked her where she bought it and she said she bought it at an "earth friendly, nature products" store in a small town about 30 min away where she lived. I thought that sounds interesting  and forgot about it  for 6 months up until this month. I have always used tampons and they always leaked for me no matter what I did and I hated the yucky feeling they give you. I decided to do research on them and I came across this blog. I found it awesome that so many women used a menstrual cup so I read all of your stories, experiences, problems etc. and I will be honest some of them made me nervous about trying it but I decided to try one. I found the Diva Cup website and it told me where the store was, I read all of the info. on the website and the next day I drove out to that little store called Love Your Mother and bought a Diva Cup, size 2 because I have had a vaginal birth, for $32.95 with tax. I was going to wait until my period started which I thought I still had a few started the next day! how weird? well I was nervous but had no problems getting it inserted except that the stem was long and uncomfortable, so I cut a little bit off and then it was perfect. I first emptied it about 6 hours after first inserting mostly because of curiosity and it was 1/4 of the way full. I thought to myself, I would have used at least 2 tampons by now and would have had to change my panties at least once! I am now almost over with my first period with the Diva Cup and I love it! no leaks at all, so comfortable I can't even feel it. I tried different techniques on putting it in and I prefer the fold in the side technique. I have no problem cleaning it and the holes come clean when I fill it with water turn it up side down and squeeze.  I want to thank all of the women on here for this blog and let you know that is helped me decide and feel comfortable about using a cup and now I am hooked and will never use anything else! :-)
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