sckite (sckite) wrote in menstrual_cups,

How do I know what cup width is best for me?

Is the Diva cup the right cup for me?

I've been doing a lot of investigating over the past month or so and reading up on sizes. I was told to measure how far back my cervix is, in order to find how long of a cup my body could accommodate. I've measured both on and off of my period, and it's been a consistent 3 inches (It moves to the left during my period, but stays in the same location). 

The diva cup is 5.3cm, and 3 inches is 7.6cm, so I should have plenty of room right-o? I am super paranoid about ordering an incorrect size! bah!  Especially because, capacity wise, I could probably go quite a lot smaller. 

The other cup I was considering was a medium Meluna (complete opposite side of the spectrum, length wise). But I am paranoid about that cup being too wide (it's 4.5cm, the diva is 4.3cm). I am 19 and pre-childbirth. 

How do I know if I am ordering a cup that is the right width?
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