kelleysunshine (kelleysunshine) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Small orangecup

Several months ago I posted asking for a free cup for my friend, and a very nice girl sent me a small orangecup for her to use. Weeeeeeeell, me and her dont exactly get along anymore (long story), and since she lives on the other side of the lake I never got around to giving it to her. (And now Im being bitchy about it and withholding... :P)

So since it was sent to me for free, Im offering it up for free. ^^ Any takers? It still has the storage pouch and the stem was trimmed some (before sent to me). Its otherwise in good shape. Ill also sterilise it before sending it off.

ETA: First person who messages me with interest will get it. :)

Its been claimed. Boy, that was quick! ;)
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