Jaiye (rhcp_22) wrote in menstrual_cups,

First I'd like to say that I've spent quite a bit of time looking through the tags, and while I feel like am well prepared to answer every question ever, I could not find the one answer I needed.

I own a large blue ball stem Meluna. I've used it for two cycles, and first began to notice the staining and smell the first time. It had gone from blue to a greenish-brown, and there was a fain period smell which dissipated after I finished my period, and put it away. 

This past time the staining was very dark, it's a brown, though it looks green because of the cup color. The smell can only really be described as rank, it's a blood smell, similar to the old blood that comes at the end of your period, but x7. 

I've read all the tags concerning cleaning and stain/smell removal, but they are primarily in relation to Divacup, or others similar, and I know that the Meluna is made of a different material(not silicone, plastic)

Are there any things that I can do to remove the smell and staining that will not damage the Meluna? I don't mind so much the staining, but the smell is still prevalent, and it's been washed and left to air out for almost two weeks.

Thank you :) 
Tags: cleaning - smells, cleaning - stains, meluna
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