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Leaking when not full?

Hi all,

First of all, I love this community - you are all so helpful to one another and I've learnt LOADS!

Second, I am going to ask for some help. I have had a Mooncup (bought in Italy - is that a MCUK?) for four years now and I am progressively liking it less and less but I can't contemplate going back to tampons or pads.

Basically, the cup leaks when it is not full. There is blood on the outside of the cup but on the rim so it's not coming out of the holes I don't think. When I get up in the morning and go to use the bathroom there is often a gush so I rush to the bathroom but when I empty the cup it isn't even half full.

I'm 22, have had no children but have had a surgical abortion. I have a low riding cervix - I can touch all of it just by inserting my middle finger in to the second knuckle and my cervix is low down but very much towards the rear - I can't position my cup with he cervix totally inside because there is not space below it. The cup has to go almost horizontal in order to fit next the cervix - in this position sort of (where the underscore is the vaginal opening and the cup is horizontal)...


Does anyone have any advice at all? I am tearing my hair out with frustration - I want the Mooncup to work for me so much but it's just not happening.
Tags: leakage & spotting
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