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I had my son almost 6 months ago. At Christmas time lunette was having their sale and I got myself a small one. I had a large diva but it's way too big.
Anyway, I have a bladder infection that started today and when I went to wipe I noticed blood. At first I thought I was dying and wanted to rush to the emergency room.
Then I realized that I have finally started my first postpartum period and I couldn't be MORE excited to be trying out my small lunette!
So far it's fantastic and I can't feel it. I love it. I'm not loving having to pee every 5 seconds and the EXTREME burning, but with the cranberry juice I can hold off until I have to go see the doctor for meds.
The lunette is incredible and I'm SOOOO glad that I decided to get a small. The large Diva was ok, but really, it's too big. I might use it on my heavy days, but I don't know...
In any case, I can't wait to see how long this period is, what my flow will be like, how the cup will work out etc. I've been on the pill for so long that I don't even remember what my last actual period flow was like!
I'm excited! (I can't believe I'm excited to have my period!)
Not only that, but I think I've converted my friend to cups as well. Score!
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