mars (tofumars) wrote in menstrual_cups,

removal horror story

I got my mooncup UK today! I was so excited to take it for a dry run. I used the punch down fold for insertion and it worked perfectly; I couldn't feel the cup when it was in! Unfortunately, the cup liked my vagina to much, and didn't want to come out. It sat higher than I though it would and it took a lot of struggling to get it out. I tried squeezing the bottom, using my vaginal muscles, and breaking the seal, but it still fought me. Finally, I got it out by pushing the top down into a sort of punch down fold, but now I'm a little afraid to try it again.

   I'm hoping that it will work better, and sit lower, when my cervix drop for my period. I'm not ready to give up  and I will try again, I'm just not ready to stick that thing back up in there again :/

   Anyway, I was wondering if anyone else would like to share their first time use horror stories with the rest of the community.
Tags: first time use, removal

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