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First cup recommendations - 35yo with 3 children delivered and endometriosis

Hi, woke up this moring to my monthly and had decided there had to me something better out there than the tampons I'm using so I started googling and stumbled upon this community.  I'm hoping I can get some advice as it is much needed.  I'm a somewhat petite (5'3 & 115 lbs) with 3 children (all delivered vaginally) and endometriosis.  I have the same problem every month.  I insert a tampon and 30 minutes later I've already bled down the string and am leaking.  The thing is that the tampon is never full but no matter what I still leak.  I'm hoping a menstrual cup is the answer but I'm unsure.  After much research I think I've narrowed it down to the Lunette or the Ladycup.  I was able to find my cervix today easily with my middle finger so I'm guessing I don't have a short cervix and would need a large after  delivering 3 children.  Any advice is appreciated. 
Tags: buying decisions, sizes/size issues
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