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Keeper Moon Cup too long???

I recently bought a Keeper Moon Cup. I had the chance to use it last week during my cycle, and what do you know, I think it's too long for me. My cervix apparently sits really low during my period, I can feel it easily when I check. I had to cut the stem off the Moon Cup because it was actually sticking out of me - OUCH. But it still is just barely inside. I know I have it in right, because there's no leakage, it doesn't fall out, and when I go to take it out there's the POP of the suction letting go. I read that the Lady Cup and Lunette are shorter cups, what would the difference be between those and the Keeper Moon Cup? I also want something that is softer, I think a really rigid edge on a cup would irritate me. Also, when purchasing one of the shorter cups, is there anyone that sells at a discounted rate or has coupons etc? My hubby will kill me if I go and spend more money after buying a cup already, he was ALL about spending money up front and then not having to buy menstrual supplies again for years. But now that I've cut off the stem I can't return it unfortunately.

For the record I'm 36 and have had kids.

Tags: cervix position, keeper moon cup, sizes/size issues
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