hmm (eversochili) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Insteads & Sex -- please help!

I've used Diva for awhile now, but want to be able to get busy during that time of the month. I inserted an Instead last night to see how it went and felt that it was covering my cervix and was lodged behind my pubic bone. I laid down and did some reading for an hour or two. I checked down there a couple of times, no leaks. When I stood up, I started to leak.

When I inserted a finger, it was quite easy to stick it under the rim of the Instead because (1) The Instead has no suction and (2) It sits so that the opening faces my spine, rather than facing up like the Diva Cup. I figure this is why it didn't leak while I was laying down: the opening of the cup would have been facing the ceiling at that point, so it was catching the blood.

Here is what puzzles me: Without suction, how on earth does the softcup avoid leakage when its opening is perpendicular to the floor? And how on earth does it handle all the poking from sex without getting dislodged?

Help! My libido begs you.
Tags: instead, sexual activity
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