willowminamoon (willowminamoon) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Hi I am new to the group though I have been reading the posts for a while.  I'm wondering what you all think about this.
I just bought my first cup on E-Bay.  The information said it was a Moon Cup, two words not one.  When I got it in yesterday it did say Moon Cup on the pink box.  But then I looked closer and found that the picture of the product on the box said Green Donna.  The product itself says Green Donna on it and it looks just like a Lunette cup.  So I am wondering if and of you have heard of this? 
The person who sold it has a no return policy.  Her explantion is that the Moon Cup company had the Green Donna company make these for them.  I don't think that is true.  Because then it would say Moon Cup on the produce.   But that was what she said her supplier told her.
How safe do you think these are to use?  It does say made in China.  Which is where the Green Donna ones are supposed to be made.
Any advice?
Tags: customer service, green donna
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