archer49 (archer49) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Yay! New Cup!!!

So I finaly got my Lady LOTOS cup! 9 business days later! Not bad! I have some pictures to compare the two!





I know the pictures are not superb. I used my Blackberry. to explain the stacked picture...I turned my Divacup inside and placed it into the Ladycup. I did a dry run with the ladycup and insertion is easy but removal was slippy! I am excited since the stem is far more comfortable. I can't belive I am excited to get my period(18 days).

Now I ordered a Large size  as I read here that the smalls are super small. I have a medium flow on my heavy days (2,3) and the small diva works fine for me. The cups are pretty much the same size(small Divacup VS. large Ladycup)

If anyone is thinking of venturing out to try something other then the Divacup, I would highly recomend this!


P.S. I bought this from Ladycup's eBay store!

Tags: brand comparisons, coloured lady cups, diagrams & pictures, divacup, insertion, lady cup, removal, where to buy

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