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Yuuki Pictures and newbie questions


I got my small Yuuki cup in the mail today. Shipping went well, I ordered it directly from I ordered is on March 29, got the shipment confirmation email on April 1 and received the cup today, April 12. I live in the US.

Some observations: It was a lot squishier than i imagined (I knew it was a softer cup but since i'd never seena cup before i didn't know what "softer" was relative to). It was also smaller than i imagined. I think it just looks smaller to the naked eye than in a picture.

The dry run: Insertion didn't take too long to figure out. First I used the punch down fold and that didnt open for me. Then I tried the C fold, it unfolded, but didn't fill with air! I was finally successful with the triangle fold. Very comfortable, could hardly feel it!

Issues arose when I tried removing it. I feel like the suction release holes (really tiny btw!) aren't that effective. I feel like I gave my cervix a hickey! I reached up to try and put it into a C fold and break the seal, It felt like a balloon filled with air, when i squeezed it i felt air pressure on my cervix but the seal held. It took a lot of pinching and tilting near the rim to get it to let go of my cervix. Also, my cervix is usually quite high (I have to bear down and stretch my middle finger to feel it, even during my period). After removing the cup my cervix was considerably (an inch +) lower.

Are there any tricks for releasing suction? (squeezing and rocking didn't work)  Or maybe a way of inserting it that creates less suction upon removal?

Im considering making the holes bigger (I have a light flow so im not worried about decreasing the capacity). Any suggestions on how to go about doing this?

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Paper packaging held up surprisingly well! It does say "menstrual cup" right on the outside packaging (on the yellowish label), just something to consider if you are trying to be sneaky. 

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I love the new packaging! Far prettier than the old design. Also, the container is much smaller than i imagined. Just over 3 inches tall (8.5cm). 

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Hallow stem, very soft, couldn't feel it. 

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Just to give an idea of scale. Also, please excuse the messy desk, its about the only usable surface area in my dorm. I actually had to move my laptop to create the little bit of clear space seen here. 

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