momdewey (momdewey) wrote in menstrual_cups,

I can't figure it out!

 What am I doing wrong?! I want cups to work for me, but I can't get them to. 

I was introduced to Insteads about 13 years ago. They were great, and I used them all the time with no problems. Then I got an IUD and couldn't use them. Then about 3 years ago I learned about cups. I started with the size 2 Diva (post baby). It was okay, but not great. I tore my vagina during childbirth, and the cup would always tilt so that it and the stem were resting against the scar. It was pinchy and pokey. I cut the stem completely off, but it only helped a little. So, I bought the lunnette. It was a lot more comfortable, but I always leaked and I kept finding it trying to come out of me. I thought maybe I needed something shorter, so I got the meLuna. Well, it was just too small I guess, it leaks like crazy. I finally just went back to tampons, and hated doing it. In desperation, I went back to the Insteads today. Well, what do you know?! They aren't working either! I leak like crazy, I go to take it out and it's really close to my vaginal opening, and there is nothing inside the cup!

What am I doing wrong?! It's not that my cervix is low, I can't even feel it when I try. My pc's are a bit weak, but I'm really doing well with my kegals. Should I just try something else? If yes, what? Should I just try to get a better fit with what I have?
Tags: divacup, instead, leakage & spotting, lunette, meluna, teething troubles

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