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Size issues and disposable pad comparison? (or, spin spin spin your cup)

So first off I'd like to thank you guys for being here--the other posts in this community have helped a lot in my cup experience, and I'm happy to report that things seem to be proceeding fine so far, except for a few... niggling... issues...

The major issue is, on my first/heavy period days I'm having to empty my small MeLuna about once every 1.5 hours, which is pretty annoying. I'm looking at getting a large Lunette, but approximating from their listed capacities (9ml vs 25ml) it seems I'll still have to empty even that once every 6 hours? So:

1. Given that at my heaviest I have to use two overnight 28cm pads (Whisper/Kotex--I'm not sure how absorbent they are, but I haven't notice any difference between the few brands of overnight pads I've tried) a day, pretty much to capacity, is there any way I can estimate from that how much that is in ml and/or what cup could handle that? (Or can someone point me to some sort of pad-tampon capacity comparison? I'm from Singapore and pretty much no one uses tampons here, so the handy chart here with comparisons of tampon and cup capacities doesn't really help me.)

2. Or could it be due to some problem with the MeLuna not filling properly? After I pop it out, with apparently minimal spillage, the cup appears to only be about 3/4ths full. Plus I seem to be getting rather huge blood clots--the last one occupied nearly half the bottom of the cup. Also, I read that I'm supposed to be able to spin it once it's in, but I've noticed that mine actually gets squished into a roughly oval shape once it's popped open, and I can't so much as turn it.

3. That large Lunette, I'm kind of worried about it being too large, on the other hand--one of the sites I went to recommended that I get the small one if I can touch my cervix, and I can definitely touch my cervix during period days. Is that size still all right considering that the small MeLuna sits well inside, and I have to bear down and stick a finger and thumb in up to the second joint just to pinch the base?

Thanks for reading!
Tags: lunette, meluna, pads - disposable, sizes/size issues, teething troubles

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