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Amusing story


I rarely post here (so please excuse any posting mistakes), but I have learned a lot from this community and enjoy reading others' experiences.  I had an incident today which other cup users may find amusing, and thought I would share.
I have two cups, my diva cup, which I use on heavier flow days, and my little green ladycup, which I use on lighter flow days.  Today I needed to switch to my diva, so I cleaned the ladycup and left it in a small bowl in my kitchen to dry.  I went about my day, and tonight I looked in the bowl and realized the ladycup was gone!  After I spent a few minutes puzzling over the situation, I realized the only possible explanation was that the cat had jumped on the counter while I was out and found the cup.  A quick search of the floor revealed that she had not just knocked it out of the bowl and onto the floor, but must have picked it up and carried it away.  Thirty minutes later, I'm standing in the living room and imagining my next guest pulling the missing cup out from between the couch cushions (or behind a pillow, under the CD collection, etc.).  Forget those coffee table books, that would be a real conversation starter!  Fortunately, I finally found my cup hiding under the cat bed.  I received quite the reproachful look from my cat when I took away her new toy. 

Unfortunately, since the cup is covered with teethmarks, it looks like my poor cup cannot be used again.
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