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So, it seems like, a little after a year I have a cup that I am finally successful with. Diva 1 is a no go. (If someone here is looking for a Diva 1, that has not even been used for a full cycle--3 days over a period of 11 months--I'd be willing to give it away for free.) But I LOVE my large (ring stem) MeLuna :-). Sure, trying to find a fold was a bit difficult, but I found that the punch down...with a little bit of lube works perfectly.

I have yet to try tackling emptying (and reinserting) in public, but at the moment, I don't need to since I can go about 14 hours before it may start to leak but I didn't have any this past cycle, and I hope it stays that way.

The only real thing I really need to start doing is breaking the seal once I can get it low enough to do so, as I think my pulling on it, although not too hard, may cause problems in the future.

And now some questions:

For you lovely ladies with any size MeLuna ring stem, are there little notch looking things where the sides of your stem meet the cup that look like if you pull to hard, it's done for?

Any owners of the clear and/or black MeLuna? Feelings about it? I know they're just colours but...i'm curious and thinking about getting more for just in case.

Is it uncommon to use lube for every cup insertion? Any any recs (or links to recs) on good water based (and relatively inexpensive) lube for this purpose?

Thanks all for everything :-)!! If it weren't for this comm, I couldn't have that smug look on my face when in the grocery store when going down the feminine hygiene aisle. :-D.
Tags: divacup, lubricant, meluna, success stories

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