elizabby (elizabby) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Managing clots/heavy flow

I've never had very heavy flow before, but this time post-partum I'm having a lot of clots, which seem to be blocking the holes and making the cup leak? I have a GreenCup, and the holes are quite large - but the clots are even larger! I'm an experienced cup user (nearly four years) but this is a change in flow for me - didn't happen after my first child. I haven't had to deal with leaks for years! I'm also having to empty the cup every 4 hours or so, which is about twice what I would normally do. Maybe I've just been lucky all this time and never realized it - is this how the other half lives?

Anyway, any tips from cup users with heavy/clotted flow?

(Edited to add, I mean the cup isn't full when it leaks and I have to empty it. This isn't an overflow problem - I think it is a clot problem. Has anyone enlarged the holes on a LadyCup? Did it help?)
Tags: heavy blood flow
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