levikral (levikral) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Help!!! Mooncup problems....


Since yesterday I have been trying my first menstrual cup - the Large Mooncup. I have had no problems with insertion or removal - after 3 births I know my body very well. However, I find the Mooncup too long for me, my cervix seems to be sitting extremely low during my period . just slightly over an inch from my entrance. I removed the stem completely and it was sticking out...so I tried turining it inside out and while it helped a little, it still was on the same level as the entrance...plus the base of the cup seems a bit hard and was pushing me/ creating uncomfortable pressure at the entrance.  I wore it for about 6 hours with no leaking but realised I was a bit sore so I removed it and wore a pad overnight. I tried using it again today and repeatedly inserted it as far as I could, but it still sits too low :( So I am back to tampons now...I think I need a shorter cup. I studied the chart and I think that maybe the medium MeLuna would be OK? My flow is quite strong on day 2-3, but otherwise tends to be pretty light.  It seems the shortest cup possible would be best for me....what do you think? Any advice would be appreciated.
Tags: cervix position, meluna, mooncup (uk)

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