clawsish (clawsish) wrote in menstrual_cups,

First period with a cup - question

I've been using my small Fleurcup for a couple of days now and I already LOVE it! I'm amazed how light my period is - on my heaviest day I can't even fill half of it!

I have a questions though, as I'm not too good with inserion/removal yet.

What's your body position when inserting the cup? I read all about folds and stuff but not really about the body position. I'm literally squatting to get it in, because I can't seem to be able to do it while sitting down.. Any suggestins? Like lifting a leg or two I don't know lol
I also squat in order to remove it..  (and not because it's hard to reach - the cup sits very very low, almost the whole stem is out, but it's pretty comfortable)

Ah and I'm already thinking of getting a small Meluna for my light days, because obviously this will be too big, if I can't even fill it on my heaviest days! Someone please stop me, I'm on the way of becoming a cup-addict! :D
Tags: first time use, fleurcup, insertion, meluna, removal
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