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I am having mooncup woes.

I'm in NZ and you can only get mooncup UK here. So I bought the large (over 35 etc) but I think that it's waaaaay too long. I was having serious protrusion - like to the second ring - even after cutting off the stem.

This cycle I have had it inside out, which is ok - ish - lengthwise. Trouble is it widens the base so much that it's really quite uncomfy, and it's still not quite sitting right, which is also uncomfy. It's like there's no way not to have something right in - insteadf of just above - the entrance to my vagina.

I think that everything else is acting as it should. Suction works, I'm not cramping, although I do also wonder if the rim is a bit too big, as there is a feeling of pressure inside.

I am every so slightly number-lexic and looking at the size chart makes my head swim a bit, so I hope you all don't mind doing some recommending for me!

I want a really short cup (capacity is not a problem, I'm not really a heavy bleeder) and I could possibly lose a couple of millimetres width without any real trouble - my muscles are fine and I've not had any kids. Once I work out the best few options then I can work out who will ship to me here in NZ, or if needed I could get someone in Australia to be a go-between for me.

I should just say that even with my woes I am still more comfortable than with either tampons or pads. So it's become even more important to me to get the right cup!
Tags: chafing/irritation, where to buy

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