banana_slugs (banana_slugs) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Hey guys.

I ordered a small Yuuki cup back in March (16th, I think) and it didn't arrive yet. It's been about three weeks and I ordered directly from the company, so, does it always take them so long? I was under the impression that ordering from would be the fastest way, but now I don't really know what to think anymore.
I live in Austria, which is why I thought it would be here rather quickly... But anyway, I received a confirmation email that they will check out my order and that's about it.
Anyone know what could be going on?


Thanks for the quick responses everyone. My cup finally arrived today. A few days ago I wrote them an email and apparently there were some problems with my payment, they couldn't see who it was from and had to wait until someone actually notified them. What puzzles me is that it took them at least 3 days to answer my email and I've already written them 2 before that. But anyway, I'm just happy it worked out at the end.


Tags: customer service, yuuki
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