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Is the Diva Cup right for me?

             First off, I would like to thank all you ladies for joining this community and being confident and open enough to freely talk about your periods with the world. I have no trouble talking about my period, but I know that some women are just so uncomfortable with the topic, so thanks girls! Anyway, (and just a disclaimer: this post gets pretty personal/suggestive, so i suggest you stop reading if you think you may be offended) I have a question for those of you who are experienced Diva Cup users. By the way, I commend any menstrual cup users! I feel like they are very poorly received by most women. My friends thought it was a gross idea when I told them I thinking of buying one. So any of you who took the plunge, whether it be for the environmental or the cost issue, I salute you!!! Ha back to my question, I am 18 and I am a virgin. I plan to wait to have sex, but I have used a toy before; said toy was approx 5 inches. Therefore I assume that I have broken my hymen, but I could be wrong. (Like I said, suggestive material) I have a wider frame and I have been using super plus/ultra tampons for a while. So, (ha sorry, I hope you are still listening) do you think I could handle the almighty Diva Cup? I know they are the largest of the cups and I don't want to waste $30 on something I can't use. Please give your most honest opinions. Thanks so much!

********Thanks so much for all your advice! It was really helpful. I just want your opinions on one last thing. I am a big fan of comfort, the soft/pliable material and the capacity of the Diva were the main reasons that it was my top runner. But now after finding my cervix, approx 2 inches, i worry that it will be too long. Are the Ladycup and the large Meluna good choices? I know that they are both shorter in length in comparison to the Diva. However, I really want something comfortable and soft, and I heard that the Meluna has a harder rim. Can you give me your opinions on the comfort of the Meluna and the Ladycup? Are they silicone like the Diva, can they be boiled?********
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