elgielyn (elgielyn) wrote in menstrual_cups,

MC for Singapore

hey girls, i'm really keen in trying menstrual cups!

I'm a really clumsy girl, like straining my bottoms very easily. (i tried straining the seats in fast food restaurant too.)
Also my *best friend* almost always visit me when i have camps.
I had a hard time learning tampons but i'm still not good at it.
It's expensive to keep using it too.

I was really very interested when i got to know about menstrual (though i did throw the thought out because i can't bear to fit my finger in, i only dare to use applicator tampons) But it seems like menstrual cup doesn't require my finger to go in so much as non-applicator tampon does.

Here comes the problem! I can't find them  in Singapore. Anyone in Singapore knows where can i get them?
I don't have a paypal account 'cause i don't own credit cards.

By the way i'm interested in menstrual cup with grip rings. I went to Yuuki website, seeing that some say Yuuki's menstrual cup has grip rings, but the photos shown there don't have grip rings? Can anyone provide me the links to menstrual cup providers with grip-ring menstrual cups?

Oh AND, how deep the menstrual cup need to be insert in if i don't know and don't dare to insert my finger in to see how deep in the cervix is in.


Tags: where to buy, yuuki
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