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Loving my Fleurcup

So, my period caught me off guard again. It was on monday, the day before I was supposed to take my Nuvaring out and in fact, it wasn't so bad - I was at my boyfriend's place and since I never clear out my purse, there were thousands of tampons waiting to be used. I was just a little pissed that my underwear was totally soaked because I forgot to take my cup with me -.- 
And I noticed that I don't really like tampons anymore, they feel so... dry and uncomfortable.

Apart from my little tampon-experience this week, I don't have any complaints at all - I've had not a single leak, I was totally comfortable and I didn't have to change every few hours; I feel great :D Also, I always felt like tampons were giving me cramps or at least like they were adding to my already unbearable period-pain, but this cycle I had barely any at all.
I don't know if it's safe to say that maybe my learning-curve experience was sorted out last cylce (*paranoid), but it's a really soothing thought. I had some trouble popping it open, but followed the advice I found on here (pushing my vaginal wall up to let air in; it popped just fine then ^^)
Still, even though I wouldn't change my cup for anything, I still have this issue with my cup in combo with my Nuvaring. It feels like they don´t like each other. I'm hesitant to use both at the same time (got a small Meluna for that purpose) because of a scary encounter last cycle (it's probably stupid anyway, but when I took my cup  out, the ring was sitting right in the cup and since then I'm kind of nervous about it and just use the small Meluna with the ring).
But I guess it's just a matter of time and practice ^___^

So, yeah, I'm just rambling about my wonderful cup, never mind :D

Tags: fleurcup, popping open, success stories

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