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Soap Type

I just bought my new Diva this morning (yay for the corner health store!) and I'm all sorts of happy about it. I haven't done a dry run yet, since I had a brother and my father hanging around as soon as I got in, I want to boil it before my first try, and I didn't really feel like explaining to them what exactly was in the pot.

Anyway, while I want to boil it before the first insertion and possibly after a cycle, I'd rather just use soap and water most of the time, and for some reason the only non-bar stuff that we have in the house is Bath and Body Works soap, which I really didn't want to use what with all the perfumes and dyes and little beads. I didn't want to shell out for the Divawash, and being that this was a very granola sort of store, I went scouting in the soap aisle and found Dr. Brommer's, which I know someone here mentioned using for their cup. My question is mostly just to check that yes, I can use it for the cup with no adverse effects. The type I got (the little 2 oz one, so if I'm wrong I didn't spend much!) is the Unscented Baby-Mild Castile liquid soap. I'd appreciate if anyone who has used this could let me know whether it worked for them.

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