nzgirl85 (nzgirl85) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Replacement for Mooncup (UK)

Hey all, really like your community here, it really helped me out when I first learnt about cups a couple of years ago. I'm new to using LiveJournal though, so let me know if I'm breaching etiquette :)

I've been using a Mooncup UK for the last couple of years (size small) and I love it, but I'm wondering if the rim is a bit too firm for me since I've always had some discomfort removing it. So I was thinking of trying another brand, especially since there are so many more around these days. Can anyone make a recommendation for a softer-rimmed version of the MCUK?

I've had a look at Melissa L.'s excellent reviews and I quite like the look of the Lunette or the MeLuna, but I was wondering if there are any major problems I should watch out for with these brands (or other, similar ones).

I'm 24, no children, and need something I can get in New Zealand (or isn't too expensive to ship). Any ideas?
Tags: brand comparisons, buying decisions, lunette, meluna, mooncup (uk)
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