xsilverfantasyx (xsilverfantasyx) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Just found out about menstral cups!! :D Need help :D

  • What a dream come true i never knew about this and im ready to buy one!
  • One issue i dont know witch one!
  • The keeper looks hard and painful....
  • diva to big
  • I favored the Large lunette(for medium to large flow, and its a shorter cup)
  • Need help choosing one for my vagina :D
Short Vagina (can touch my cervix with my middle finger no problem
I use super pads and tampons and the super tampons last like 4 hours till there soaked and leaking so does the pads.
Im kinda moderate to heavy id say i change pads about 4 times a day (super)

So moderate to heavy flow, short cup, good cup with nooo leakage, im 19/no children, a good cup, no leakage, SUPER comfortable, easy to put in and take out. :D

Any opinions, i really need help choosing a cup, when theses so many options out there and i dont know much about brands and all it could take me MONTHS to decide O_o :(.
Id love the help on what you think will work for me!

Thank you sooo sooooooooo much!
Menstral cups are a gift from above :D



I decided to go with the Lunette Model 1 from the discount link on here at ticklemepinkstore
They didnt have the selene there sold out EVERYWHERE!
Hope its get to me in the usa-ohio soon!

Thank you so much everyone for helping me and your opinions and everything they helped me SOOO MUCH!
You all are the BEST! I wish every women knew about this! If lunette or any other brand had a commercial here like they do the pads and tampons YOU BEST BELIEVE EVERYONE WOULD BE AT THE STORE GETTING ONE! LOL!!!!
:D, maybe one day. :)

-star :D
Tags: heavy blood flow, lady cup, lunette
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