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Can't decide on anything/ Help with cervix

Hello. I am new here. I've been lurking for a while. I've known about menstrual cups for a while now but I still haven't gotten one.
Now, I don't want cervix to be much of a problem but I'm sure it does matter somehow when using a cup. I try feeling for my cervix but I am not really sure if I feel it. I don't know if I touched it or if its really high and I can't touch it.

I read that some of you have your cervix to the left or right but what about in the other directions? I don't know if you would call that it's in the front or what. I seriously don't know how its suppose to feel down there when searching for the cervix. I looked at pictures and I don't if I am thinking to hard or if I'm too worried. I will try my best to explain this as good as I can.

Ok, the hymen... I look at pictures online and I believe I have the fimbriated or labial hymen (according to this here 4.bp.blogspot.com/_fkhUvKc_29k/SBZnrytEzCI/AAAAAAAAADg/hgHY54NfUPc/s400/2008-03-26_205550.png ).
Before I really wasn't sure what the heck it was.  I kind of thought it was the cervix. But when I open the labias I can see the hymen and I don't know if you can see the cervix that easily anyways. The thing is, I am not a virgin but I haven't had sex in a long time and I think I might have a small vagina. Right now, I am 18 about 5' 3" and I weight about 124 lbs. I read here that our height might be a way to determine if the cervix is low or high but I am not sure if that would always be true or if the height really matters at all. Anyways When I felt down there, it didn't just feel like a narrow opening, it was like some stuff bunched up ( or maybe my cervix) in the direction on the clitoris, not to the right or left. And I tried going in deeper and felt around and I can't really explain but now that I think about it, it might have been the fornix I was feeling around because it seem as if it might and been something in the middle and I was feeling around that. I will try this again, but I just need some advice on location my cervix and the position.

Should I worry about that right now? Should I just get a cup and see what happens. Plus, I'm still hesitating with a decision on which cup to get. I find those Meluna cups so attractive but and I feel more confident about getting those because they are small but I don't want to get something that doesn't hold enough for me. I was thinking of a LadyCup because they aren't too small and they are short. This first cup I heard of was the Diva and doing so much research I became worried about it being to long because I think I might have a short vagina.

Anyways, my period is about 3-4 days. Occasionally it might be 2 days. It's light the first day early in. On the 2nd and 3rd day it's moderate. And I guess spotting on the 4th.

* I will try different times of the month to feel for my cervix.
Tags: cervix position, first time use, lady cup, meluna

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