lunagirl_8119 (lunagirl_8119) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Lunette and general cup questions

So I just got a small Lunette a few months ago. I've known about cups for  a while, but I didn't want to have to involve my parents in the buying so I waited until college. I've been following this community for a while and it's been soo helpful! I really like my Lunette but I've been having some problems.

My last period was extremely heavy for the first few days. I changed my cup every hour to hour and a half and it still leaked. I read something on here about the fold possibly being an issue. I realized that I'd been using the C instead of the very moderate 7 (very close to the C) that I had started out with. I think this was helping me get a better seal but I'll have to wait till my next period because by the time I'd figured that out my period usually starts to get lighter any way. Also, I can't seem to find my cervix. I feel something that vaguely feels like what I've seen it described as but it seems to be really low down and at the front (I think) of my vagina. Any tricks for stopping leaks and/or finding my cervix? 

Since I'm thinking with my heavy periods there will always be a bit of leaking at the beginning of my periods, and I might want to give my body a break from the cup sometimes, I want to invest in some cloth pads. I saw someone posted about . Could anyone comment on their experience with them? Particularly regarding shipping time. Their prices look super reasonable! 

Thanks so much in advance! This community is awesome. 
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