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New User - about to buy!

Hello all! I'm new here, and this is an exciting day for me - I'm about to buy my first cup. :)

A little about me - I'm 22, never had kids, and I've been lurking around here since last October, when I was browsing the natural_living community and someone had posted about menstrual cups.
I've hated pads since I first started my period. I have only used tampons a few times and never liked those either. I'm very comfortable with my body, though, so I was far more intrigued than grossed out by the idea of cups. I love it.

My periods are pretty consistently 7-8 days long, with horrible cramping the first day. I usually have a medium flow the first and second day - but sometimes I go through a series of cycles where my flow on the second day is really really REALLY heavy and I have to change pads every 30 minutes to an hour. The last 3-5 days are medium to light.

I've tried the Instead cups a few times, and while they've essentially worked, I haven't felt very comfortable with them. I think I've had trouble getting them positioned correctly. I've done a cervix check a number of times during my cycles, and have found that it sits farther to the left and lower than I thought it would - if that makes sense! So I haven't quite figured out how to position the Instead to get it to be comfortable.

So after much reading and research, I've decided I want to go ahead and try a reusable cup.

Pros for me include:

1) discretion. I live in a community-style college dorm, so bathrooms are down the hall.

2) longer time to leave it in. I love to travel, and in fact have a big big trip coming up this summer (2 months) where I'll be visiting a lot of countries and living in a tiny space with 2 other people, so convenience in this regard is soooo attractive.

3) comfort. Pads leak, chafe, bunch, and stick, as most of you know, and I'm so sick of it. There have been a number of times where I've leaked through the pad, underwear, AND jeans, without any prior warning or indication that that was going to happen.
So, knowing that I can have comfortable backup early on sounds super duper to me.

Looking at sizes, capacity, and so on, I think I've decided on the small Lunette. The length seems about right - I can reach my cervix fairly easily using my middle finger; I figure it's about 55-60 mm in. Width I'm not too concerned about. Capacity seems all right; like I said, only occasionally do I have a very heavy flow, and even then, I'm ok with changing it out every 2-4 hours - beats changing pads every 30 minutes!

So, does that sound like a good fit for me? I really want the Selene but I want to get it in time for my next cycle. My trip starts mid-June and I want a couple of cycles to try it out. Since I live in the US, the Selene won't ship til after April 12th. My dad's working in Germany right now, so he could buy one for me easily, but that would incur extra shipping to get it to me on time, and I don't know that I want to put him through that - pretty sure he has no idea what cups are! ;) Besides, if I like it enough, maybe I'll just buy a 2nd one later on.

I love this comm; you're all wonderful for support and encouragement and knowledge on this topic. Looking forward to spending more time here!
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