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 I have finally made a decision and ordered a small Yuuki cup! I am unreasonably excited. I am also in the midst of a so-far-successful first run with Instead soft cups.


I ordered my Yuuki yesterday directly from their official website. I payed with paypal and have recieved email confirmation from both paypal and yuuki that my payment has been recieved by yuuki. However they have not said anything about having shipped or planning to ship the cup. Should I be concerned?

**edit** I received an email from Yuuki this morning (April 1, 2010) telling me that my order has shipped.  :-) 

Is there a way to remove Insteads without making a total mess? From what I have read the answer is "no", but hey, i'm an optimist.

I have read here people saying that they have heard of people reusing Insteads successfully. Does anyone have any first hand experience with this?


Insteads are messy, but they are still SO much better than pads or tampons. No gushy feeling, if I didn't have cramps I wouldn't know I had my period =) 

This community has been so helpful, without it it is doubtful that I would have had the confidence to take the plunge! Thank you to everyone, not just the people who have responded to me directly, but to the people who have participated in all the discussions that I have been lurking on. 


I live in a dorm (suite style, 4 girls, 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, common room) and I'm a little nervous about keeping it on the down low. I have no problem endorsing cups once I've mastered mine. I'd just like to get the hang of it first so others don't get turned off by my learning curve...
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