snarktastic (sweetvtkk102) wrote in menstrual_cups,

so frustrated!! GAAHHH!

Ok, I'm by no means a new cup user.  I've owned and used my Diva size 1 for almost a year now.  Sometimes, its successful.  More often than not, its a horrible leaky mess.  Help me before I lose my mind! 

I check to see that my cervix is inside the cup.

I make sure the cup has opened.

I understand some dribble may occur at the beginning/heaviest days when changing the cup.

I don't think the cup is too small, I'm 27 np, and I can definitely feel the suction if I don't break it before removal.

Now, it does seem that the cup gets sucked up too far sometimes, so is it possible that my vag likes it higher than it should be?  I always make sure my cervix is in/above the cup.... and if so, what could I do about that?  I would think that a shorter cup would just result in the same thing.

As I'm sitting here, feeling as if every time I sneeze, or get up, I bleed all over the place, I'm wondering why I keep up with this thing leaking so much.  But I really REALLY don't want to go back to nasty pads and tampons. 

I know this has been posted many many times, so if anyone can help, or give me some helpful links to answer my woes, please do!

HELP!  SAVE THIS CUP!  (Because I'm so frustrated with it I'm ready to stomp on it and throw it across the room!!!!!!)
Tags: cervix position, continuous use, divacup, leakage & spotting, seal & suction

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