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Recruiting help from cup connoisseurs!

Hi, Ladies!
I am a cup user of a year or so, but I am still trying to find that perfect cup for me. I know there are several very knowledgeable cup collectors out here, and I hope that with the information I give, those ladies can recommend a cup that will work for me.

My first cup is the large Diva. Suction is good, but the flexibility of this particular cup is a problem. I constantly lose suction bc of this issue. I need something firmer. It is also too long. It hangs out of me. I can not exercise in this cup bc of the suction issue and the length. Furthermore, I can always feel it and it annoys me.

So I tried the Keeper (larger size) next. At first I was very excited about this cup. I loved that it was shorter and the rigidity kept it in place. During this dry run, I found that I was able to exercise in this cup with no discomfort or loss of suction. Then my period came and it leaked like crazy. :( I believe this is because of the placement of the holes being much lower than the Diva's. Therefore, I can only wear the Keeper at the end of my cycle when my flow is light.

So I guess the main things I am looking for in a cup are:
1)firmness (about that of a Keeper)
2)high placement of holes
3)short in length

(Also, I am 28, have had 2 vaginal childbirths, and a significant flow.)

Thanks so much for any recommendations! You ladies are always so helpful :)
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