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brand new yuuki cup

i know there's not a lot of information on the yuuki here (only about one page of tagged entries) so I thought I'd give out my story in case it helped any one!

I ordered my cup on March 15th (from the manufacturer). Their site was easy to use and directed me to their paypal immediately after ordering. On March 16th I got an email saying my package had shipped. Today, March 27th, I received my package (11 days for it to get from Czech Republic to North Carolina!). I paid 19 euros for cup+packaging+delivery which is great for a poor college student like me. Other sites did not include shipping in the price, so buying direct from the manufacturer was the cheapest option.
The actual package now comes with English directions, where as before I think they were only written in Czech (although there is a "vegina" typo in them, haha). The storage container is unique (a box versus a cloth bag) and will work nicely for storing in a bathroom cupboard.

Don't let the foreign website scare you off from ordering from them! Overall, I had a very positive experience ordering directing from Yuuki and I would definitely recommend it.
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