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Cup Help!

I'm 16 (virgin) and have a few questions about the cups. My periods are really painful and a moderate/heavy flow, and extremely irregular and sporadic. By sporadic, I mean, my periods will completely stop for one day, mid-cycle, and then start up again the next day. This plus general period irregularity (predicting when it'll come) makes tampons and pads very uncomfortable and inconvenient... I'm deathly afraid of TSS, and I have far too many dry runs with a tampon in (not only scaring me because of TSS risk, but uncomfortable inserting/removing it dry!), because I think I feel a period coming on, and need to put in something to make sure I don't end up bleeding everywhere. I don't do well with pads either, as in, I always manage to make a mess with a pad, regardless of how often I change it. I'm a competitve runner as well, and pads (for me) are a nightmare to try to run in.

I'm thinking of getting a divacup from the store (live in US) today to end this tampon nonsense once and for all. I'm really fed up with my ridiculous period. Do you think a diva could work? Or, should I suck it up, wait longer, and order another another cup online? (and please say if you recommend another cup!) 

I don't really care about blood getting over my hands when changing cups... blood doesn't faze me at all, and I've had far too many messy tampon changes. 

Thank you so much! 
Tags: buying decisions
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