Jenny (ladyravenclaw) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Stem beveling: success and tips! (USA Moon Cup)

I recently got a Keeper-brand Moon Cup (after hearing about menstrual cups for years) and was amazed by how much easier my period became. But - alas! - in my first two cycles with it, the end of the stem poked me most uncomfortably. I find the stem length useful for removal and for holding onto while cleaning, though, so I didn't want to trim the stem off.

Thanks to this community and comments from fireaphid, I was encouraged to try beveling the edges so the stem would resemble this: \_/ more than this: |_|

My husband helped me with the beveling. We used both a metal nail file and an emery board. We found that the stick of a Q-Tip cotton swab (with all the cotton pulled off) was the perfect size to slide into the Moon Cup's hollow stem. This kept it firm and steady while we filed. We used a nail clipper to clip the Q-Tip stick off at the end of the cup's stem, which made the filing easier.

It worked so beautifully that this cycle (my first with the beveled-edge stem), I cannot feel it at all. I keep getting the urge to check and make sure it's still there.

I really like this community, and I hope this story helps someone else with her own stem!
Tags: keeper, keeper moon cup, stem length/trimming

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