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Joining the ranks

I'm so excited! I have been a lurker for months, but not able to participate. I have PCOS and without insurance (which translates to "without medication"), I go to full amenorrhea mode. I skip huge chunks of time without even a hint of a period. I had been going on 11 months this time, when my body finally decided to stop being stubborn.

And suddenly - it's back! Not only is that exciting because it's rare that it happens without medicinal prompting, but I get to try a menstrual cup! Admittedly, I hadn't bought one yet because I didn't have a job and there wasn't a point until my period came back.

I bought a small Diva because it was what I could access immediately through retail, but that just ended up being a learning experience. The Diva was far too long and I knew there was no way in hell I could get it out without the stem's help. (I'm overweight, which gives me less leverage for reaching around while bent over...I could manipulate the bottom of the cup, but not well or without awkwardness.) So, I ordered two Melunas: 1 small black and 1 medium blue. Both ball grip, as someone posted recently that that is the one thing guaranteed not to come off.

I was also sent a basic purple large Meluna as a promotion (yayyy!!!), so I may end up offering that to a friend to try or using it to spread the good news (just keeping it as a "show and tell" item with the Diva). I think it would probably be too large and the lack of anything to grab probably won't work for me. I might sell them or give them away but I'd like at least one to aid evangelism! (:

I'm excited to go try the black and blue ones.

And, for fun, this is My Luna (haha):

(Yes, that's really her name. She would like you all to know that the cups look like fun chew toys.)
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