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Hi Everyone!

Yesterday my first cup came, a Medium Meluna Ring and i'm completely stoked. My period came yesterday too, so I was excited to try my cup, but I've been having some problems with the few trials I've done.

1) I am a virgin (17 years old) and the opening to my vagina is very small. Its been pretty difficult to find a fold that doesnt cause pain. As I'm sure a lot of you know, the meluna cup is a bit stiffer and the lip is very thick, so my folds tend to open before I can get it in all the way, which really hurts. I know practice makes perfect, but am I doing something wrong?

2) Once I get the cup in, I get instant pain every time, like menstrual cramps. I cant seem to get the cup in far enough. How do I know if its in properly? Even if I push my cup in as far as I can, it seems to slip down after a few seconds. Then it shifts to the right (which I've never heard about) and its very uncomfortable. It almost makes it hard to walk.

3) When I remove my cup, I cant seem to make it pop! I've even tried pushing my finger all the way in, and pressing in on the lip and it still would not come out. Maybe if I try folding it first? This all caused this awful pain, maybe the worst I've ever felt, which nearly made me want to give up on my cup all together.

I would LOVE advice, nothing is too insignificant. Thanks :)
Tags: first time use, insertion, meluna, popping open, removal
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