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Please help me find a cup that works!!!!!!!!!!

Short version:
Keeper cup: very painful. Cup too firm. Stem was AGONY. No way I could use it.
Meluna medium ball stem: went in very easily, super comfortable. Did not leak overnight. AWFUL trying to remove. I was afraid of dislocating my thumb and I think I may have sprained it!

Longer version:
I tried the Keeper a cycle or two ago. It leaked, was way too hard and firm going in, and the stem was so excruciatingly painful there was no way I could use it. The stem was so firm and pokey. I figured I needed a shorter cut with no stem so got a medium Meluna ball stem cup.

The good news is the cup went in fine. I had no pain and was very comfortable. I was afraid it might not have opened all the way, but I tried it overnight. No leaks! But, removal was AWFUL. I could not reach the cup at all. :( It probably took me at least 10 minutes of bearing down, fishing around, catching the end of it with my nails and nudging it down. Again, the good news is that it came out with virtually no discomfort, and I have no residual effects of the fishing. Well, except for the fact that I think I sprained my thumb slightly getting the sucker out.

I cannot use the Meluna. It is too short.

But, I need a soft cup that is easy to get in and will not irritate my vulva area at all. I have vestibular vulvodynia, a condition where pressure and poking etc. causes pretty significant pain on the vulva.

Please, I am so desperate. I want to use a cup, but I can't keep going through this. Does anyone have any suggestions for soft cups that I'll be able to get out? I'm guessing I have a high cervix b/c even docs have trouble finding it, but I'm not really sure. Both my attempts at cups have been that I place the cup and then it migrates upwards. In the Keeper case, this meant a painful, pokey stem. In the Meluna case, it meant a cup I really could not reach. I need a soft cup that I can reach. I fear the diva b/c I fear it's size (I'm 36 but never gave birth vaginally, never had a full term pregnancy and have a small vagina, I think). I also fear the diva b/c I think I need something that has gripper of some kind at the bottom.

Please help!
Tags: first time use, removal - painful or problems

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