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safety of cup dropped in the toilet???? ;(

Hi all!

One of my worst nightmares came true this morning!!! I inserted my cup and was waiting for it to open, I thought it was well inside, past the PB (I switched from small Lunette to small green LC at the end of my cycle, and the LC is so soft, and I was feeling the L so much this month that with the LC is like having nothing inside! So comfy), so I did not have my hand for the " in case" and in a matter of just seconds it popped and shoot straight into the disgusting-bacteria packed-toilet water... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! I thought about throwing it away and immediately thought: Are you crazy?! It's new and expansive, and so beautiful! So after an awkward process of fishing it out w/o getting my hands to touch the disgusting water, I rinsed, I washed with soap well (3 times), now it is soaking in alcohol for 12 h's then I'll boil for 20 min, then I'll soak in Milton capsules... Aaah... I am still not sure, I am paranoid about infections, and about my V been protected from anything! I always boil before and after cycles, and wash with mild soap between changes; although, I am starting to get paranoid about the soap in between changes with so many stories about Y infections...

My question then is... If this has happened to any of you, did you ever get an infection afterward? IS it safe to re-use the cup? Did you do something different to what I am doing to clean it, to make sure it is safe? Is what I am doing enough?

Also do any of you wash yourself before reinsertion, say every 10-12 h' ? Is it maybe too much or is it necessary? Because of this, I avoid changing in public W but it's not practical and if I am in a heavy day, I might have to change in a public W... I have been able to get away with it so far...

Thank you so much for your help! This community is the greatest!

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