Samantha The Great (freedomreins) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Samantha The Great

Vaginismus & Menstrual Cups

Hello everyone! I've been doing some lurking around recently but haven't really found a straightforward answer to my question.

I have vaginismus, which basically seems to mean that my muscles don't react well to putting things 'up there'. I am using dilators and am not a virgin, but I am worried that using a menstrual cup would be uncomfortable.

So I wanted to ask if anyone out there has experience with cups and vaginismus, or if anyone with experience with multiple cups can tell me which is the softest/smallest/best first cup for a newbie. I have had some great information from one member of the community already so I am hoping to get some opinions if you guys have tried several different cups!

Thanks :)

PS: Sorry, I don't know what to tag this post as. I can't find 'advice' or 'opinions' or anything in the tags.
Tags: buying decisions, disabilities & health problems
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