surfergrrlkasia (surfergrrlkasia) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Not going all the way in?

Hello everyone! Im a first-timer - this is my first time posting to this lovely community as well as using a menstrual cup.

I bought a small size Lunette (I'm 26 and yet to have babies). I used it for the first time yesterday and found it leaked. However, after some youtube research I realised I must have been putting it in too far (over my cervix).

So this time I folded it, inserted lower and tried to push it up to sit under my cervix. During my period (especially the first couple of days) my cervix is really low. Anyways I think I have the cup situated under my cervix (hard to check but it doesn't seem to want to go up higher) and the bottom part of the cup (close to the 3 ridges) now sits outside my vag opening ... making it REALLY difficult to sit down properly :(

Has anyone else experienced this? Or is it a case of me not inserting it properly?

Also I find it extremely hard to rotate or "stir" the cup. It doesn't seem to want to move...

Would love to hear from you :)
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